Senior Data Scientist

Who we are

NevaLabs is a new team of journalists, researchers and developers working together to empower individuals who want to take personal control of their news experience. Our solutions aim to drive greater transparency, relevance and value, enabling users to proactively improve the quality of the news they need to achieve their personal goals. 

We believe that access to trustworthy news and information is vital to the health of society. 

We’ve only been together as a team since October but in that time we’ve started to build a culture and product we’re excited about, and attracted the attention of many respected media commentators.  Check out some recent articles in Mashable, and Reuters about our work.   

Our company was founded by Mark Little and Áine Kerr who worked together in Storyful for five years before leaving to join Twitter and Facebook. Together with Paul, Eilis and Marco they hope to solve some big problems with smart solutions and an ever-expanding team in 2018.

The Opportunity

We’re now seeking a senior data scientist to lead our machine learning efforts in Dublin in 2018. We have been validating the need for a transparent and personalised news product using Stanford CoreNLP and other readily available classifiers, NLP, and entity extraction services. 

This role gives you a chance to be a critical member of a startup team with proven experience and global ambition, help direct the future of the product, work in a cross-functional team and ultimately launch something we believe is going to be pretty impactful. 

You’ll do the statistical statistical analysis/research which will dictate which machine learning approach we use, design, implement and test model architectures on interesting data sets,  ship product and undertake A/B testing. There will potentially be opportunity to work on blogs, research projects, and bespoke industry partnerships.

Your work will be supported by a team of engineers who will scale your models with real customers and data.

What skills will you need?

Ideally, you will have experience working with recommendation systems, search engines and machine learning systems, and will have a background in a field such as Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Maths, etc. all applied in industry.

You will be hands on with data, able to find reproducible insights, pick and develop new models, and communicate this to the engineering team. We’ve been using Python and Ruby with Redis, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL all with Stanford CoreNLP, AYLIEN, Google Cloud Natural Language and other out-of-the-box systems but are not wedded to these technologies. 

Some experience of the media industry will be considered a bonus.

What's on offer

  • The chance to do something meaningful which might just help solve some of society’s biggest issues of the day!
  • Competitive salary
  • The opportunity to work with a dedicated and passionate group of people
  • City centre office location

Start date

Late February/early March 2018 but we want to talk to you now! 


How to apply

Send us your CV to